Production Process & Standards


There is only one way that a manufacturer can have total control over the products that they make and that is to produce those products themselves. It simply is not feasible to guarantee consistency of quality if you import from different countries and continents or have products made ‘under licence’. It is Dunlop engineers and technicians who have designed and developed every belt we make, including the all-important rubber compounds. And those belts and components are repeatedly tested to destruction every working day. Not even a solitary batch of rubber compound is allowed to enter the belt production process without having been thoroughly tested and approved. It’s the only way to guarantee top quality. It is the Dunlop way. Please take the opportunity to watch our ‘Quality in the Making’ video to see just what we mean.


Every Dunlop “Made in Holland” conveyor belt is ozone & UV resistant, safe to handle according to REACH, fully antistatic!

  1. Ozone and UV resistant according to EN/ISO 1431 (50 pphm , strain 20%, 96 hours no cracking) in order to avoid premature failure due to cracking and degradation of the belt surface.
  2. Manufactured in compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemical substances) regulation EC 1907/2006
  3. Fully anti-static (ATEX directive 2014/34/EU) as per EN/ISO 284
  4. The Dunlop quality promise is supported by a 2-year guarantee (3 years in case of Dunlomat) against premature failure due to faulty materials and/or faulty workmanship


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