Abrasion resistance

A quick reference guide to Dunlop abrasion resistant covers

AA: standard abrasion resistance for normal service conditions.

RA: abrasion resistant for more severe service conditions. Exceeds DIN Y.

RE: Excellent resistance to cuts, impact, abrasion and gouging caused by large lump sizes.
Exceeds DIN X.

RS: Extra wear resistant to meet the demands of carrying highly abrasive materials. Exceeds DIN W.

Our solution

In addition to the four options listed in the quick reference guide, we also have two cover grades for belt operating conditions that involve extremely abrasive materials. Dunlop RES has similar properties as RE but has even greater wear resistance and also possesses outstanding resistance against tear (rip) propagation. Dunlop (Coldstar) RAS cover compound has the very highest resistance to abrasion with an average of 35mm³. This represents a superiority of some 150% compared to DIN W, which is the highest DIN standard for abrasion available.*

Dunlop abrasion resistant belting provides up to 50% longer wear life because the rubber covers we use exceed international quality standards by a significant margin. An excellent example of this is the Dunlop RA abrasion resistant cover, which exceeds the DIN Y standard by more than 25% and even exceeds the DIN X standard for abrasion resistance.


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In this document, you can find information about abrasion resistance in conveyor belting.

Abrasion Resistance testing
in Dunlop Lab

*IMPORTANT NOTE: When analysing the mechanical properties of the rubber used for abrasion resistant covers, higher figures equate to higher performance qualities except in the case of the specific abrasion test where higher figures represent a greater loss of surface rubber and therefore a lower resistance to abrasion.

Cover Qualities

Dunlop Ultima

Dunlop Ultima premier grade rubber sheeting is specifically designed to provide outstanding durability across a wide range of industrial uses. Unlike almost all other industrial rubber sheeting, it is exclusively manufactured in our production facilities here in Holland.